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About Me



Since I was a teenager, I've always loved the camera--being behind it, that is. (I am never without my camera, and back then, they weren't the small, digital, purse-sized things we all have now.) Then, in 2006 I became a mom and my pleasure in the camera and photography reached a whole new level. I delighted in seeing my daughter from behind the lens: the way she'd stretch her right pinky as a newborn, to her dancing for me as a toddler, and now her ability to pose and imitate as a young adult. I know what, as a parent, you are looking for from a picture. And I know how to capture it. From this simple pleasure arose the dream to start Shaina Leigh Photography.


I pride myself in providing clients with a guaranteed work--it's important that you are completely satisfied at the end of our session. I strive to always connect with my subjects so I can capture the emotions and fleeting moments that all too often get lost in the rhythm of everyday life.


As a mother, I understand that children's personalities emerge best when they're comfortable and sometimes that will take time--I shoot until we're all satisfied with the shots, not when your “time is up.”


As the top modeling manager in Florida who signs children exclusively with the top modeling agencies in miami, I know what the agencies are looking for from comp cards or headshot and if that is the purpose of our shoot, I assure you a set of photographs your agency or manager will be pleased with.


And as a photographer, I am 100% committed to giving you the stunning photographs you hope for and that you will undoubtedly treasure forever.


Looking forward to shooting you...


Shaina x